2019 Baby Show in Spring & Child Growth Education Expo

We participated the 2019 Baby Show in Spring & Child Growth Education Expo on Feb 22 – 24. In this expo, we have created new attractive set up with colorful background. Merchandise were displayed clearly for easily shopping.

We have invited China KOL, i.e. Amy Lin and Huo Qiu to visit our booth. They did live streaming video at the show and over 10 million of their social media followers were viewing and showed interest purchasing the products.

New colourful setup attracts a lot of expo participants

Not too BIG, Maga Baby Expo 2018

We took part in Not too BIG, Mega Baby Expro 2018 on Oct 11-14, 2018 and had a successful turnout. Our main goal for this event was to focus on online appearance and brand awareness.

Mami bloggers were invited to visit our booth and shared their positive experience on their social media. We also invited famous China KOL, Lin Xiao Ling, who has more than one million followers on her Weibo (a main China social channel) to do a live steaming video at our booth. The video gained great results of views and shares, which also helped increase Ella’s Kitchen Official Weibo page followers significantly.

International Baby/Children Products Expo 2018

International Baby / Children Products Expo 2018 is one of the largest baby events. It was a 4-day exhibition (Aug 3 – 6, 2018) and it’s a huge success. Our booth was a 4x booth area. The large colorful booth helped increasing brand exposure, with lots of attractive mechanics to drive sales.

Our booth attracted lots of mom and dad, reaching recorded high sales. It was the first time for some of them to try our products and they loved Ella’s Kitchen! Yummy!